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Nové Mlýny lake

Nove Mlyny lake has recently become the best sailing resort in the country. Nové Mlýny consists of 3 lakes which were built by the river Dyje. The area of lakes is altogether 3 393ha. It was built to prevent floods. Pasohlávky is one of the most substantial centre for holidays. There you can find camping Merkur where you can rent windsurf or bikes. The middle lake was declared to be sanctuary in year 1994. There are few artificial islands where many significant birds nest. On one of the islands you can find a Roman gothic church St. Linhart. Bottom lake is the largest lake.

It is situated under the ruin called Dívčí hrady. There you can have great holiday, do sailing, kiting or windsurfing. You can visit many historical sightseeing around Nove Mlýny. One of the most famous UNESCO heritage is region Pálava. It is the warmest and driest place in the Czech Republic. Another famous places are Lednice-Valtice grounds where you can visit large gardens, deep forest, huge vineyard and many ponds. There are also many historical monuments such as castles, temples, colonnades and many other monuments. This region also belongs to UNESCO heritage and there are many routes for bikes and educational trails.

About South Moravia

South Moravia is an economically important region, in a favorable position in the South-Eastern part of the Czech Republic. It borders Austria and Slovakia, and has always been a strategic crossroads in Europe. The South Moravian Region is fourth in size with its territory and third with its number of inhabitants among the other regions of the Czech Republic. This is where numerous towns and villages were born, during centuries, along its rivers, and where Christianity made its way into Europe. The slopes of the hills are covered by vineyards and orchards now, as they were then. To its visitors, the surrounding areas of Brno offer a varied range of cultural, natural, and technical sights; fans of modern architecture and lovers of Jewish heritage will also be pleased. Four local sights are entered in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Due to the fertile position of the region, attractive folklore and wine tourism have a tradition here.
It is no coincidence that together with Prague and South Bohemia, the South Moravian Region belongs to the most visited regions of the Czech Republic.

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